Getting Closer!

Dave writes:

Good evening!


Amy dropped this off based on my sketches. Look them over and tell me what you think. We can still tweak them if you think they need it. I will be at City Hall for the Parks Advisory Board meeting tomorrow so if you could let me know….

Click “reply to all” so I can get your responses at my Spartan address on my Treo and get the info to Amy as soon as possible.

Amy is going to get the baskets in as soon as they get locks. It sounds like they have locks with a common key at the city parks and they want these to have the matching key – but they only have 6 locks on hand. She hopes to have the other three in the next day or so. I’ll find out tomorrow night.

I lost my light blue Discraft “Venom” on #18 today left of the line to the basket stake. Keep your eyes peeled. I looked for way too long before I gave up. It will be days before my shoes are dry….




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