Looking Good

Dave writes: 

I installed the last of the number plates last night by about 9:30. (Note the plates were donated by your favorite disc golf/bike/skateboard/vacuum shop…….well I HOPE it’s your favorite, or at least in the top five) The plates came pre-drilled with mounting holes most of which worked out really well but some did not line up with the pre-drilled holes in the posts so that they would face the T-boxes. Some of them I was able to drill a single new hole in so they could be rotated 90 degrees and they lined up fine. The ones that bug me are #3, #5, maybe #6, and maybe #12. If you get down and play let me know what you think of how the plates are aimed. I can pull them off and do a re-drill with two new holes to aim them perfectly if you think it would look better.


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