Tournament(s) to be held at Lincoln Park!!!

The Parks board has approved us pursuing future tournaments at Lincoln Park.  We need to solve a few things, but here is what I know so far…

We need to pick a date(s) – Celebrate Charlotte andFrontiers, are obvious potentials, but I know at least 2 or 3 of us have possible conflicting agendas.

Insurance – The Parks wants us to have insurance.  My first inclination is to have players sign a waiver form to take the City as well as us off the hook.  If the Parks aren’t good with this, then hosting a PDGA event could solve this.  PDGA offers insurance for their events for a $50 fee.

PDGA sanctioned – In the long run, hosting a PDGA event will draw more attention as we get free advertising on PDGA’s schedule.  It will cost $50 for a Tier C event, but I think we would get enough players through the website to pay for this fee.   We would also need at least two TD’s to take the official’s test through PDGA.

Other stuff – Particularly the money.  I think it would be great if we worked out a deal with Skidmore’s to serve as co-sponsor.  If they could take the money and pay out the prizes from their inventory, I think we could begin a mutually beneficial relationship.  Even if we, CDGA, take the money, we could then pay Skidmore’s for their discs and prizes.  Bathrooms? Volunteers?


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