CFR Discs Available Now!!

CFR Stamp

CDGA has 3 different CFR discs available for sale now!

Your choices are…

Champion TeeRex-X

Champion Glo Firebird-L

Champion Glo Destroyer

Discs are $20 each, proceeds to benefit the expansion of Lincoln Park disc golf course with 3 new holes. Discs are available at Skidmore’s Village Cycle Shop, 120 E. Lovett St, Charlotte, at any of CDGA’s posted league play days, or through a CDGA member. Anyone who purchases a disc is eligible for Innova’s CFR Sponsorship Rewards program, and will be able to participate in an exclusive CTP side game at our upcoming tournament, the L.P. Open on May 1, 2010.

 Thanks to our sponsors, Skidmore’s Village Cycle Shop and First Run Apparel, for their support with this project!


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