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3 New Holes Added at Lincoln Park

Thanks to the work of a whole bunch of volunteers, three new holes have been added to the course at Lincoln Park! They are all in the back portion of the course, and currently have natural tee pads marked by an orange-painted timber at the front of each pad. Signs are still forthcoming, and concrete pads should be in place next year. The new holes fit into the flow of the course like this: 1-13, A, 14, 15, B, C, 16-18.  Also note, the pin placement has changed for holes 10, 12, and 15. New scorecards and maps will be available at the course shortly.

Enjoy the new variety! Three more holes are being planned for this fall, making an upcoming total of 24 holes.


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CFR Discs Available Now!!

CFR Stamp

CDGA has 3 different CFR discs available for sale now!

Your choices are…

Champion TeeRex-X

Champion Glo Firebird-L

Champion Glo Destroyer

Discs are $20 each, proceeds to benefit the expansion of Lincoln Park disc golf course with 3 new holes. Discs are available at Skidmore’s Village Cycle Shop, 120 E. Lovett St, Charlotte, at any of CDGA’s posted league play days, or through a CDGA member. Anyone who purchases a disc is eligible for Innova’s CFR Sponsorship Rewards program, and will be able to participate in an exclusive CTP side game at our upcoming tournament, the L.P. Open on May 1, 2010.

 Thanks to our sponsors, Skidmore’s Village Cycle Shop and First Run Apparel, for their support with this project!

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Ace Race

I was wondering who would all be interested in playing an ace race this year at our own course?  I have been looking into directing the event but I would like to take a poll to see if I have enough interest.  I need a minimum of 15 players.  It shouldn’t be too hard to find that many people if we all try to do a little recruiting.  I definately need a rough number of players as it is expensive to order everything.   If you are interested in playing, leave a comment or email me at


Chad Lantz

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Tournament(s) to be held at Lincoln Park!!!

The Parks board has approved us pursuing future tournaments at Lincoln Park.  We need to solve a few things, but here is what I know so far…

We need to pick a date(s) – Celebrate Charlotte andFrontiers, are obvious potentials, but I know at least 2 or 3 of us have possible conflicting agendas.

Insurance – The Parks wants us to have insurance.  My first inclination is to have players sign a waiver form to take the City as well as us off the hook.  If the Parks aren’t good with this, then hosting a PDGA event could solve this.  PDGA offers insurance for their events for a $50 fee.

PDGA sanctioned – In the long run, hosting a PDGA event will draw more attention as we get free advertising on PDGA’s schedule.  It will cost $50 for a Tier C event, but I think we would get enough players through the website to pay for this fee.   We would also need at least two TD’s to take the official’s test through PDGA.

Other stuff – Particularly the money.  I think it would be great if we worked out a deal with Skidmore’s to serve as co-sponsor.  If they could take the money and pay out the prizes from their inventory, I think we could begin a mutually beneficial relationship.  Even if we, CDGA, take the money, we could then pay Skidmore’s for their discs and prizes.  Bathrooms? Volunteers?

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Ribbon Cutting November 15th 11 a.m.

Dave Writes:

The ribbon cutting for the back 9 is this Saturday at 11:00. It would be
great if you all could attend. Bring any other disc golf supporters you can
think of! I get to make the closing comments on behalf of the Parks Board.
Most of the mowing is done – would be all done but Mike jinxed Garrett’s
tractor….We now have a new obstacle on 18 – his mower deck! I noticed the
signs are at each T but did not see the back 9 supporter sign – it may be
there too.

Shepherd Street should be open and striped by then too! It’s almost too much to handle all at once!

Hope to see you Saturday!

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DG Course Review

jlbohms writes:


Pros: The City of Charlotte now has the back 9 in place, which makes the course much more complete. The front 9 can be a little tricky, but the brush has been trimmed back lately and opened it up more on a few holes. 
The back 9 adds some much-needed length to the course, with 1 hole at 425′ and 3 more over 300′. These holes are the first stage in expanding the park, so the area won’t have as many people doing other things wandering the course. The tee-pads on the back 9 are longer than those on the front, which is also helpful.
Cons: Since the back 9 is currently new, it still needs some paths and things hacked out, and hopefully the city will mow regularly as the gras and weeds could easily get out of control and make it tough to find your lie.

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