Summer League 2011: League this year is going to run a little different than last years. The entry fee is $35 up front and includes a player pack. If you choose to pay the weekly fee of $3, you will not receive a players pack and will only be in the running for points. The players pack consists of a custom dry fit t-shirt, custom towel and a custom bag tag. That being said, if you decide to do the weekly pay and don’t have the money to pay that day, you don’t get points. Now for the good stuff, there is 24 weeks of pay with a requirement of 12 weeks to qualify for placement. Points are based on your best 12 rounds worth of points so the more you make it out to the better chances you have at placing higher. Divisions will be based on the PDGA am1-am4 placements. We have the right to bump you up or down within the first few weeks based on your performance. The course being played will vary from 18 to 24 holes each week. There is a 50/50 ace pool that will be held and carried over every week for $1. Rounds will be scheduled at 10 am and 6 pm to accommodate most everyone. I think that is about it. Let me know if I missed anything.
Summer League 2010:

Advanced – Average < 50 for 18 holes at L.P.

Intermediate – Average between 50 and 55 for 18 holes at L.P.

Novice – Average above 55 for 18 holes at L.P.

Masters Novice – Same scores as Novice, but 40+ years old

Women Recreational – No guys 🙂  and only $20 for women!!!!

To register, fill out this form ( CDGA League Registration Form ), and return it with payment (checks to CDGA) to Skidmore’s Village Cycle Shop, 120 E. Lovett, Charlotte, or to any CDGA official.

Sunday’s Doubles:

10 am – Informal gathering with the $1 Ace Pool in play ($5 initial buy-in for each new pool).  Doubles during the season for all of those who want in.

Winter League ’09-’10:
Congratulations to all who played the Winter League! Hope everyone had a great time!

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